Lazy Cherry Bakewells recipe (vegan)

cherry cakewell tart cake on a plate with fork
Serve as is with your favourite hot drink and enjoy the indulgent, almondy jamminess.

Bakewell tart is one of my favourite puddings; the tartness of raspberry jam marrying perfectly with soft, almond-y frangipane heaven, supported by (what should be) a light and buttery shortcrust pastry. Due to the profusion of butter and eggs in the original bakewell tart recipe, it was going to be challenging to make a veganRead more

Aqua what the faba? Baking with chickpea water

baking with aquafaba chickpea water
Aquafaba acts uncannily like egg whites, despite being chickpea water

Baking with aquafaba (aka chickpea water: the water left over after you’ve boiled chickpeas or the stuff you’d usually turf down the sink after opening a can of chickpeas) has been on my baking bucket list for yonks. Every time I opened a can of chickpeas I’d transfer the murky water to a glass jarRead more

Luxurious date balls recipe (raw, vegan, gluten-free)

vegan raw gluten-free date balls with ginger recipe

Date balls are very in vogue at the moment. From the pre-packaged variety to the lovingly handmade creations you might find in a health food cafe, they’re everywhere. Recipes for the specimens also abound online, hence my reluctance to include this recipe on the blog. (Besides, not only are these babies not cake, they’re notRead more

How to bake gluten free cakes

gluten free madeleine buckwheat flour
Using gluten-free flours will necessarily change the structure of your final bake. In frame: a vegan madeleine crafted with buckwheat flour

HOW TO BAKE (AKA HOW I BAKE) GLUTEN-FREE CAKES The gluten-free wave has been cresting for quite some time. Back in 2013 during my Depressed Cake Shop days, I was riding this wave and channeling it through my baking. I don’t quite remember the motivation for omitting gluten from my diet and baking – I’mRead more

Zingy Carrot cake with raspberries recipe (vegan)

vegan carrot cake with raspberries and coconut frosting
A carrot cake should always be jam packed with tasty nuggets of goodness

The stalwart carrot cake: loved all over the Western world for its sweet, spiced and (hopefully) moist interior, nuggets of nuts and thick, unctuous cream cheese frosting. For years I baked a version, the recipe of which came from a Trinidadian school cook book that dated back to 1987, that was laced with dates andRead more

For the love of food (and cake)

cooking strawberries strawberry compote

FOR THE LOVE OF FOOD Food makes me feel alive. Not just the eating thereof, but the thinking about, looking at, shopping for, preparing and creating new recipes. I was blessed with a strong stomach and a fierce appetite, something I’m very grateful for. It’s always been this way. At a young age I’d savourRead more

Great British Tea Bread recipe (vegan)

vegan tea bread sliced with coconut oil
Cut into slices and serve your great British tea bread with a generous coat of coconut oil, or butter if you prefer dairy

Deciding an on inaugural recipe for the Power of Cake was tough. Just like a parent may struggle to name a favourite child, it is hard for me to choose a favourite among my little creations. And so I decided to go with a particularly comforting and grounding creation (currently nestled under a tea towel)Read more